International Bureau of Education

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Who we are

The IBE is the Global Centre of excellence in Curriculum and related matters. As a leading UNESCO Institute we are recognized and valued for the specialist knowledge and expertise that we bring to Member States promoting new shared global understanding of curriculum issues. To this end, we provide practical technical support addressing critical areas that impact provision and delivery of equitable quality education for all within the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Since our foundation, we have relentlessly sought for excellence and quality education for all. The quest continues even more so that equity of education quality remains an unwavering universal challenge. We are guided by the conviction that investing in development-responsive curriculum generates tangible human, social and economic benefits ensuring equal sustainable development among all our Member States. 

Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to bring support and innovative solutions to the challenges ministries of education and governments face in the complex task of improving quality and relevance of their curriculum, teaching, learning, and assessment processes and outcomes.

Within the framework of the SDGs and aligned with UNESCO strategy, we provide an unparalleled range of international services and products. Our services include: strategic advice; technical assistance tailored to specific country needs; short- and long-term capacity development; and cutting-edge research and knowledge. We thrive to address themes that are highly relevant at local, regional, and global levels including, among others: basic competencies such as literacy, numeracy, and life skills; new technologies, sustainable human development, peace, security and disaster risk reduction; development of basic competencies in early grades, working especially with those who are most vulnerable and at risk, such as girls.

IBE Council

The governing body of our Institute is the IBE Council composed of 12 representatives from Member States designated by UNESCO’s General Conference for a term of office lasting four years. Holding annual meetings, the Council members discuss and approve the general programme and budget of the IBE for each biennium.

Director's office

The IBE director is responsible for leadership and management of the Institute. Since July 2014, Dr. Mmantsetsa Marope has assumed the role of IBE Director. Bringing her extensive leadership expertise and specialized knowledge, she has revitalised IBE’s role as a centre of excellence in curriculum significantly expanding the geographical outreach and range of services of the IBE.

Origins and history

The IBE became the first ever intergovernmental organization in the field of education established to advance peace through education in 1929. Originally founded by a group of renowned educationalists in Geneva as a private institute in 1925, the IBE was led by the famous Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget for almost 40 years. The IBE joined UNESCO in 1969 as an international centre of excellence in comparative education. The IBE has and will continue its quest for excellence as the Global centre for curriculum and related matters.