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Tasks of the IBE Council


The tasks of the IBE Council are:


  • to draft, based on the proposals of the Director of the Bureau and the lines of emphasis of the medium-term planning, the general programme and budget of the Bureau for submission to the General Conference with the observations or recommendations of the Director-General and the Executive Board. The Council shall take steps to ensure the consistency and complementarity of the activities foreseen in the draft general programme and budget of the Bureau with the other activities foreseen in the draft programme and budget of UNESCO;

  • to define in detail, within the framework of the programme and budget approved by the General Conference and taking available extra-budgetary resources into account as appropriate, the activities to be undertaken by the Bureau. The Council shall supervise the implementation of the programme of activities of the Bureau and shall mobilize human and financial resources;

  • to approve the draft annual budget of the Bureau which is submitted to it by the Director;

  • to verify budget execution and the audited accounts of the Bureau and the report of the Auditor of UNESCO relating to the Bureau;

  • to make proposals for the preparation and organization of sessions of the International Conference on Education;

  • to submit to the Director-General a list of at least 3 names with a view to the appointment of a director in accordance with the provisions of Article VI below;

  • to submit to the General Conference at each of its ordinary sessions a report on the activities of the Bureau.