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Effective pedagogy in social sciences (Educational Practices 23)

Education in the social sciences plays an important role in developing students’ sense of identity and influencing the ways in which they understand, participate in and contribute to local, national and global communities.

This booklet is a synthesis of the research on social sciences teaching that has been shown to have a positive effect on a range of desirable student outcomes: cognitive, skills, participatory and affective outcomes. It is also a tool to help teachers and teacher educators adapt and build upon the findings of this synthesis in their own contexts.

Educational Practices 23 is primarily for those who are involved in teaching and learning in the social sciences, but it should also be useful for anyone who is interested in helping students to learn. For those who want more, the best-evidence synthesis on which it is based provides examples, vignettes and cases of effective teaching that bring the principles to life in social sciences subjects.