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Improving student achievement in mathematics (Educational Practices 4)

This booklet summarizes the mathematics chapter from the Handbook of research on improving student achievement, second edition, published by the Educational Research Service. The Handbook is based on the idea that, in order to succeed, efforts to improve instruction must focus on the existing knowledge base in respect of effective teaching and learning. The Handbook was specifically designed to help school administrators and teachers carry out their evolving instructional leadership roles by giving them a ready source of authoritative yet practitioner-based information about research on effective teaching and learning.

The practices identified in this booklet reflect a mixture of emerging strategies and practices in long-term use. The authors briefly summarize the research supporting each practice, describe how this research might be applied in actual classroom practice, and list the most important studies that support the practice. A complete list of references is provided at the end of the booklet for readers who want to study and understand the practices more fully.