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The IBE Director Dr Marope and Director-General of Ecolint David Hawley formally launched The Universal Learning Programme



Following the successful launch of the IBE's three normative papers on the Future Competences and the Future of Curriculum in 2017, the IBE continues leading at the forefront of a worldwide transformation of curricula by launching a new initiative titled "The Universal Learning Programme".  The Universal Learning Programme is a curriculum framework, developed in partnership with the International School of Geneva (Ecolint), which is guided by a set of global competences that prepare 21st century learners to thrive in our world and act for the public good. 

Combined with the Ecolint’s themes of collaboration, mastery, character, and passion, the IBE global competence framework Ecolint has adopted promises an internationally distinctive education that prepares its students for the challenges of a rapidly changing 21st century.  IBE will serve dual roles in this initiative, as technical assistant in the implementation of the Universal Learning Programme and in serving as a curriculum quality assurance partner as Ecolint bases its curriculum framework around the IBE global competences and Ecolint’s collaboration, mastery, character, and passion themes.  The partnership is expected to result in designation of Ecolint as an IBE flagship demonstration school.