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IBE-UNESCO and OEI Launch new Inclusive Education Guide



The IBE-UNESCO in partnership with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) have launched the guide, Iberoamérica inclusiva. Guía para asegurar la inclusión y la equidad en la educación en Iberoamérica. The guide seeks to provide direction for ensuring inclusion and equity in education in Latin America, and was officially launched at the Casa de América in Madrid, Spain on 4 December, with presentations given by the Secretary General of OEI Mariano Jabonero, and the Senior Programme Specialist of the IBE-UNESCO, Renato Opertti.

Mr. Jabonero highlighted the cultural diversity and wealth of the region, while noting circumstances that paradoxically make it the most inequitable of the world. In this regard, he explained the need to overcome this situation and stressed that "this new publication aims to provide to the countries of the region some guidelines to achieve equality in the enjoyment of the right to education of all people by defining forms of teaching, support and leadership that constitute the basis of a quality education for all".

Mr. Opertti described more in detail the contents of the guide, reflecting both on the progress of the region in terms of policies and inclusive practices and on the pending challenges. He highlighted the progressive convergence of the countries of the region and international organizations around an educational agenda anchored in a comprehensive vision of education and the educational system, which assumes taking individual and collective diversities as well as the disparities of contexts into account, as the two sides of a genuinely inclusive policy.
Iberoamérica inclusiva. Guía para asegurar la inclusión y la equidad en la educación en Iberoamérica is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the two organizations and a commitment to ensure more equitable public policies in the Ibero-American region, which, despite its richness, still presents some of the greatest socioeconomic inequalities in the world. The guide supports the development of educational policies and inclusive practices in the Ibero-american region in order to guarantee the right to education to all learners and, in particular, the ones belonging to the most vulnerable groups.

An electronic version of the Guide is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese at the bottom of this article.
A video of the launch is available from the Casa de América YouTube channel.
Senior Programme Specialist