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Tribute to Massimo Amadio



It is with deep sorrow that we have to inform you that our IBE colleague Mr. Massimo Amadio has passed away during the early hours of this morning.
Massimo Amadio was passionate for education as a driver of equity and fairness. His progressive view on education as a common good marked his life. During many years at UNESCO and in particularly at IBE, he was immersed in better understanding educational systems under a comparative international perspective and with a focus on curriculum, learning and related issues. He was an erudite combining masterfully different disciplinary views and always looking for ways that knowledge can effectively support practitioners. Massimo was the historical detailed memory of IBE, and on how the institution has evolved in the last 20 years. He made clearly the case and fought intensively for IBE sustainability. For all the IBE family, Massimo was a loyal friend, a devoted professional and a supportive colleague. We enjoyed his subtle sense of humour, a quite unique combination of Italian and Latin flavours. His wisdom was a reference for young people, and for older ones, the opinion we always want to get before making important decisions.
One of his dream was to invigorate UNESCO intellectual leadership.
The colleagues and friends who wish to send their condolences to Massimo’s family, can send their messages to the following email address in IBE: Bie.administration@unesco.org