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NEW. Prospects. Assuring quality education and learning: Lessons from Education for All. 177

Guest editor: Aaron Benevot.

Latest Prospects publication (177) from IBE-UNESCO. Assuring quality education and learning: Lessons from Education for All.


This introduction highlights the main focus of this special issue, Assuring Quality Education and Learning: Lessons from Education for All. The 2015 Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GMR)—Education for All 2000–2015: Achievements and Challenges—underlines the fact that inadequate attention to education of good quality and a failure to reach the marginalized have contributed to a learning crisis that needs urgent attention. Based on selected background papers for the 2015 GMR, this special issue takes stock of the achievements and challenges of the past 15 years through nine comprehensive articles. A key message that emerged from the 2015 GMR is that major social and economic inequalities act as powerful obstacles to progress in education. Those left behind are the most marginalized and vulnerable. Moving forward, better opportunities for schooling must be available to all children and youth, regardless of family background, gender, or disability. As such, educational reform cannot rest on technical solutions alone. Strategies for learning are most effective when they develop strong links with existing community priorities.

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About Aaron Benavot
Aaron Benavot is Director, Global Education Monitoring Report (UNESCO Paris). The GEM Report (formerly known as the EFA Global Monitoring Report) is an editorially independent, authoritative, and evidence-based annual report published by UNESCO. It monitors progress towards education targets in the new UN Sustainable Development Agenda, identifies effective policy reforms in education and draws attention to emerging issues. Aaron previously served as a Senior Policy Analyst on the team (2005-2009), during which time four GMRs were published, covering adult literacy, early childhood care and education and governance. Under his directorship since June 2014 he has finalized two reports -- Education for all 2000-2015: Achievements and challenges and Education for people and planet: Creating sustainable futures for all -- and assured the smooth transition to the new report series.
Aaron is currently on leave from the University at Albany-SUNY where he is Professor of global education policy in the School of Education. His scholarship explores education issues from comparative, global and critical perspectives. Specifically, he has examined the expansion of primary education; the prolongation of compulsory schooling; the globalization of official curricular policies; the diversification of secondary education; implementation of curricular directives; the changing status of vocational education; the growth of learning assessments; the content of mathematics and reading textbooks; the mainstreaming of Education for Sustainable Development; and the conceptualization of adult literacy. Aaron has co-authored or co-edited five books: School Knowledge for the Masses (with Meyer and Kamens); Law and the Shaping of Public Education (w/ Tyack and James); Global Educational Expansion (w/ Resnik and Corrales); School Knowledge in Comparative and Historical Perspective (w/ Braslavsky); and PISA, Power, and Policy (with H-D Meyer).
Aaron previously taught at the University of Georgia and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been a visiting professor at universities in Argentina, Japan, Germany, Italy, Malta and France. He has been a consortium partner, lead partner and evaluator in EU-sponsored socio-economic research. In 2007 he was elected to the CIES Board of Directors and later served as CER Co-Editor and CIES Secretary. He currently serves on the advisory boards of a number of education and social science journals.