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Training Tools for Curriculum Development. A Resource Pack
Core Modules



  1. Change to improve quality

  2. International trends in curriculum change

  3. Curriculum as process and product



This module seeks to guide curriculum professionals through the several factors to be taken into consideration when revising curriculum change policies. It contains three activities:

  1. Change to improve quality. To discuss the multiple meanings of “quality” in education.
  2. International trends in curriculum change. To consider the main directions in which reform is taking place.
  3. Curriculum as process and product. To broaden the conception of curriculum including several material and practical components.

Following these activities is a “Resources” section which contains a list of discussion papers and other resources referred to in the activities.

Curriculum Reform, Revision; Renewal; Curriculum Process; Curriculum Design and Development; Rationales for Change; Access; Quality; Relevance; Equity; Rights; Inclusion; International and Regional Trends; Teaching and Learning; Educational Curriculum Standards, Objectives, Aims, Competences.