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Training Tools for Curriculum Development. A Resource Pack
Core Modules


Activity 1: The structure of a curriculum framework

  1. The structure of a curriculum framework

  2. Formulation of what students should know and be able to do

  3. Approaches to curriculum integration


This activity should help participants understand the nature of curriculum frameworks, the choices which are made in the process of their development and the main characteristics which they share.

Task 1 - Individual reading
Read the document “Guidelines for constructing a curriculum framework for Basic Education”.

Task 2 - Small group discussion

  1. The following frameworks’ outlines have been developed in a range of contexts and are provided for the purposes of analysis and comparison. Read them and examine each in turn.
  2. Answer the questions below.
    • What are the common and distinct elements in these documents?
    • What does each curriculum framework emphasise?
    • What elements are appropriate/inappropriate for your situation?

Task 3 - Small group activity
In a small team, design an outline appropriate for your context, presenting the main components on a flip chart page. In the outline, indicate the approximate weight in percentage terms.

Task 4 - Plenary presentation
Share your design with the larger group, explaining the reasons for the choices you made in:

  • Components.
  • Relative weights.

PRODUCT 17: Curriculum framework outline.