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Training Tools for Curriculum Development. A Resource Pack
Core Modules


Activity 4: Decisions about implementing e-learning

  1. Policies for provision management

  2. Textbook evaluation and approval

  3. Supplementary teaching and learning materials

  4. Decisions about implementing

  5. The teacher as curriculum materials developer


Thank you for your interest in the UNESCO-IBE’s Training Tools for Curriculum Development: A Resource Pack.

We are pleased to provide you this sample.

The TTCD Resource Pack is currently available in English and Spanish, and soon to be in French. This is in parallel to the ongoing development of various thematic modules including:

• Basic Education in Africa Programme (BEAP) for Sub-Saharan Africa (English and French)
• Inclusive Education (English and Spanish)
• Competencies for Inclusive Teachers (English)
• Competency-based Approaches (English and Spanish)
• Pedagogy of Integration (English and Spanish)
• School-based Curriculum (English and Spanish)
• Environmental Education for Asia and the Pacific (English)
• Climate Change (English)
• Natural Disasters Preparedness and Response for Asia and the Pacific (English)
• Gender Sensitization (English)

The IBE offers tailored workshops and courses in response to the concrete needs of countries and stakeholders. They take into account the organization, content, methodology, documentation, tutorial guidance and deliverance (on-line and face-to-face, or both). These tailored workshops also cater for professionals involved in curriculum development and implementation in bilateral and multilateral agencies, as well as education and curriculum specialists from ministries, institutions and universities.

For any enquiries or for more information, please contact: Renato Opertti