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Training Tools for Curriculum Development. A Resource Pack
Core Modules





© UNESCO International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE)
Editors: Renato Opertti and Massimo Amadio
Editorial consultants: Hugo Labate, Phil Stabback, Lucille Gregorio
Editorial development: Lenguaje claro Consultora (Argentina)
Technical support: Bonnie Han and Matthias Ruest


The development of the modules has made extensive use of a previous material developed in the context of the Curriculum Innovation in Basic Education project, a joint initiative by the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok and the IBE, with the support of the Government of Japan. The materials produced at that occasion were made available in CD-ROM and Web format only for users in the Asia Pacific network.

Many collaborators from the worldwide Community of Practice in Curriculum Development have contributed to the development of this tool by writing, editing and providing case studies and other relevant documents, assuring a well-balanced distribution of experiences from all UNESCO regions. We would like to thank for their support in this important undertaking: Qasem Al-Sarraf, Rosalía Barcos, Teeluck Bhuwanee, Angela Cara, Juan Pablo Claro Stuardo, Nour Dajani, Adnan El-Amine, Ghada Gholam, Jumana Jaafar, Liliana Jabif; Dzadrina Makpal Jumabaevna, Kadyrbek Kaldybaev, Dina Karam, Banxiang Liu, Larisa Marchenko, Merle Tan, Silvia Trías, Daoyu Wang, Yun Wu, Iouri Zagoumennov, Ihar Zahumionau and Tiedao Zhang.
Special thanks to Hugo Labate for his excellent work in contributing to elaborate this tool and for being in charge of the process of revising and improving the eight modules and the related documents. We also extend our thanks to Phil Stabback and Lucille Gregorio for their support in the review and improvement of the Asia-Pacific Resource Pack that became the basis of the present tool.

Many thanks to Miriam Sattolo and Gabriela Tenner from Lenguaje claro Consultora (LcC) for their work on the editing, layout and web-design.

A notable thank you to Ruth Creamer for the bibliographic searches, the compilation of articles and web references, as well as the proof-editing of the training manual.

Much appreciation is extended to Bonnie Han and Matthias Ruest for their tireless assistance in the development of the present tool.