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Academic and social-emotional learning (Educational Practices 11)

In every society, children will inherit social roles now occupied by adults. Our education systems have the job of preparing children for this eventual responsibility. Therefore, around the world, people want to improve education. Some want to strengthen basic academic skills; others want to focus on critical thinking. Some want to promote citizenship or character; others want to protect children against the dangers of drugs, violence and alcohol. Some want parents to play a larger role; others feel the entire community should be involved.

There are some areas of growing consensus. As indicated by numerous polls of parents and community leaders, we are clear what we want our children to know and to be able to do, and this defines what we want schools to teach. Among other things, we want young people to:

  • Be good problem-solvers;
  • Take responsibility for their personal health and well-being;
  • Develop good character and make sound moral decisions.