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The IBE shares its thoughts about the role of curriculum in the article “The Curriculum in the Education 2030 Agenda”

As a global frontrunner in curriculum reforms and issues, the IBE has been invited by Santillana, the most prominent publisher of educational materials in the Spanish-speaking world, to reflect on the relevance of curriculum.


“The Curriculum in the Education 2030 Agenda” talks about the importance of rethinking the curriculum to transform education within the new Framework for Action.

The Education 2030 Agenda, which emerged from the World Education Forum held in Incheon, Republic of Korea, positions the curriculum as a powerful tool of education policy for developing and achieving relevant and sustainable learning processes. The curricula have a positive effect if they are levers of the country’s development that connect with society as a whole.

This article provides suggestions to strengthen the positioning of the curriculum to pave the way towards an inclusive and equitable quality education in Latin America, by addressing the following questions: 1) How is a curriculum currently conceived? 2) What role does it play in the reforms aimed at improving equity and quality of the learning processes? 3) What are the main challenges of Latin America in relation to curriculum development? and 4) What should countries do to align their curriculum to their development needs?

Read the article: http://www.santillana.com.co/rutamaestra/publicaciones/edicion_15/mobile...

More information about the issue: http://www.santillana.com.co/rutamaestra/edicion-15/