Technical assistance in curriculum development in Kosovo (2000-2001)


Technical assistance in curriculum development was provided to a core team of curriculum specialists from Kosovo within the framework of an agreement between the Department of Education and Sciences of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (DOES/UNMIK), UNICEF/Kosovo and the IBE.


The main purpose of this co-operation was to acquaint members of the newly-established core team of curriculum developers with principles, approaches and the methodology required for the development and management of curriculum design. An intensive training workshop in Geneva in December 2000 on “Curricula development in Kosovo” and an international seminar in Pristina in May 2001 on “Case studies in curriculum development: contributions to the Kosovo education reform” were organized as part of the IBE support to the development of competencies required for the development of a Curriculum Framework in Kosovo.



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The new Kosovo Curriculum Framework, Discussion white paper – September 2001 (PDF, 520 KB)