Reviewing the Kosovo Curriculum Framework


The IBE provided technical assistance to UNICEF Kosovo and the UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosovo) Department of Education and Science for the development of the new Curriculum Framework (White Discussion Paper, 2001). Although it was never implemented for a number of reasons, the 2001 Curriculum Framework has been valued as a major curriculum reference document, including by the 2005 Evaluation Report of the Kosovo curriculum process by the London Institute of Education.


In 2008, Kosovo started the implementation of the new ten-year “Strategy for development of pre-university education in Kosovo 2007-2017”. In line with this Strategy, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) set the review and finalization of the 2001 Curriculum Framework as a priority for 2009.

The new Kosovo Curriculum Framework (2009-2010)

The new Curriculum Framework is expected to provide support and guidance for the successful implementation of the new education and curriculum vision through aligned syllabuses, classroom practices and assessment strategies, as well as through combining top-down and button-up approaches. A public discussion with education stakeholders, beneficiaries and the broader public took place during April-May 2010. The MEST Technical Team is finalizing the Curriculum Framework based on the results of this public consultation.  The IBE and UNICEF Kosovo have been providing technical assistance to the team.

Support to the revision of the Curriculum Framework (2009)

The IBE has been cooperating with UNICEF Kosovo in providing technical support to the Ministry of Education and Science (MEST). Three IBE missions were carried out in August, September, and November 2009, during which several policy issues were tackled and a detailed outline of the revised Curriculum Framework was agreed upon. The third IBE mission aimed to gather feedback on the first comprehensive draft version of the revised Framework.