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The Global Centre of Excellence in Curriculum and related matters

IBE-UNESCO became the first ever intergovernmental organization in the field of education established to advance peace through education in 1929. Originally founded by a group of renowned educationalists in Geneva as a private institute in 1925, IBE-UNESCO was led by the famous Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget for almost 40 years. It joined UNESCO in 1969 as an international centre of excellence in comparative education. IBE-UNESCO has and will continue its quest for excellence as the global centre for curriculum and related matters. 

Director's office

The IBE-UNESCO director is responsible for leadership and management of the Institute. Since July 2014, Dr. Mmantsetsa Marope has assumed the role of IBE-UNESCO Director. Bringing her extensive leadership expertise and specialized knowledge, she has revitalised IBE’s role as a Centre of Excellence in Curriculum significantly expanding the geographical outreach and range of services of IBE-UNESCO.